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Fallout 76 - a game in the Fallout universe is a prequel to all parts of the series without exception. The events begin with Vault 76, the first one built. According to official information of the seller, this is the first to open after nuclear bombs fall on America. The location of Fallout 76 is West Virginia without settlements of survivors and groups, all this and much more will have to be created on your own, without any help. The characters under the control of the players are the chosen ones who must begin the process of rebuilding for the sake of civilization. West Virginia was not chosen by chance. What for? These are mostly rural areas away from major cities and important facilities that have become prime targets for nuclear missiles.

How to play? Players will have to start their mission small, and the first goal for them will be to survive in the post-apocalyptic world: look for useful resources, weapons, and build fortifications. Everyone will be able to choose how to do that, alone and in a team with other players during a long time with the help of an account. Fallout 76 Account allows you play a massively successful online action role-playing game for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Various accounts let you appreciate the game without too much grinding and concentrate on investigating wastelands.  If you have any doubt about buying an account, you can always send a direct message to the seller.

Fallout 76 world

What information do we know about the game? The map in Fallout 76 is larger than in the third or fourth installments of the series. As in Fallout 4, there will be several different regions, only more pronounced, each with its own items like landscape, vegetation and monsters. With time the engine of the new game has undergone many changes and innovations. The increased drawing range will allow you to distinguish distant objects on the map. This game will have a new dynamic weather system, not like earlier. Here you can create your own settlement. If you do not know how to play, you can work together with other players, which greatly simplifies the work of collecting the necessary resources. The settlement will have to be protected from threats from the Wasteland by means of defenses and turrets. An interesting feature of Fallout 76 is the possibility of a nuclear attack on any location on the map. Camps will assist in the construction of buildings. In the new Fallout, there will not exist any restrictions on the location of the base on the map, players will be able to choose and get the location for their buildings themselves, as well as transfer them from one location to other using Camps as well as other items.

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