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GTA 4 vs GTA 5: Top Differences

GTA 4 vs GTA 5: Top Differences

Even though these games were created by the same developer, they have serious differences, which we will talk about today. If we compare gta 5 vs gta 4, then each game has its own history of creation, features, characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. In this article, we will try to discuss all these aspects in detail.

History of Games

Let's start by comparing the origin stories of gta iv vs gta v. As everyone knows, Grand Theft Auto has a whole series of games. If we talk about GTA 4, then this is the 9th project in a row, which was born back in 2008, that is, quite a few years ago. The release of the game was delayed for several months, but after a slight delay, the world saw this wonderful game. After a week of sales, about 6 million copies of the games were sold for a very large amount. It was a real record.

Grand Theft Auto 5 came out a little later than part 4, which is logical. The world saw GTA 5 already in 2013, and by 2015 it was revered on all platforms and venues. Development began immediately after the success of Part 4. The developers tried to actively promote the game through various media, so GTA was a highly anticipated game.

Mission Variety

Let's move on to the next point of our gta 4 vs 5 comparisons, namely the missions. Missions are the basis of the game, because they help to make it interesting and exciting. Each part has its own tasks.

If we talk about GTA 4, then there are more than 86 missions, after which you get a certain amount of money, for which you can buy whatever you want. And it all starts with the fact that the main character of the game sails on the ship. There main character meets with his cousin, who lied about his condition, and after that, the plot and missions that must be completed are tied.

In GTA 5, the missions are of course different. There are about 62 main missions. But the main difference is that here the plot develops around the three main characters. Also in the game, in addition to the main missions, there are those that you can get from strangers. By completing them, you can get a reward, which will be very useful during the game.

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Single-Player DLC

Now we will compare our gta iv vs v from the other side of the gameplay and talk about single-player DLC. This is the name of the downloadable content for the game. As a rule, small additions are immersed in this way, such as new weapons, equipment, additional levels, etc. Thus, the game becomes even more interesting and exciting.

If we compare grand theft auto iv vs v, then both in one and the other part there are single-player DLCs that complement the game and make players play even more.

Weapon Variety

Many people think that gta 4 is better than 5 because of the types of weapons, but it also all depends on preferences. Weapons play an important role in such games. If we talk about the 4th part, then there are about 15 types of weapons in total. There you can use both pistols and edged weapons or go into battle with your fists. In addition, there are various grenades and Molotov cocktails.

Part 5 features a brand new weapon system that allows players to carry all weapons at once instead of just one. And someone liked this system, while someone remained a supporter of the old principle. This game also has melee weapons, firearms and throwing weapons.


    Every game has key roles around which the story is built. Now we will figure out the heroes of gta 4 or gta 5 which is better. Let's start with gta 4. The main character in this game was a man named Niko Bellic. According to legend, the hero was a Serb, and he found out that his brother lives very well and decided to go to him. Upon arrival, he learns that his brother was lying and he does not have the amount of money that was announced. In the end, it turned out that Niko was needed by his brother only in order to solve brother’s problems. And the whole story revolves around it.

    If we talk about gta 5, then everything is a little different there. A particular difference is that there are three main characters. The first of them is named Michael de Santa, he is a famous robber and a prominent father and husband in the past. The next hero is named Trevor Philips, he was Michael's fence partner and also a good friend of his. And the third character is Franklin Clinton. It was an African-American gangster who supported himself with the help of stolen cars. His main goal was to become rich and live peacefully. Therefore, the main difference between grand theft auto iv vs gta 5 was the number of main characters.

    Map Size And Variety

    The main place where all events take place in the city. It has its own infrastructure, special buildings, and other features. So which is better gta 4 or 5 map?

    In GTA 4, the city is called Liberty City. Its area is about 47 square meters. This is a fictional city that is the prototype of New York. There are several universities, many cities, parks, and other places. That is, the pride is made as realistic as possible and is very similar to the infrastructure of New York.

    If in the 4th part New York served as a prototype, then in the 5th part we will take Los Angeles as the basis. The name of the city in the game is Los Santos. Its dimensions are about 108 square meters. It is full of cinemas, stars running away from annoying paparazzi, and from the height of the city offers a really impressive view. That is, the city fully reflects LA.

    As a rule, games are not created in a few days. This is the result of long teamwork because everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Especially if we talk about the idea of ​​the game.


    Graphics is the aspect that every game tries to improve. Here it is important to think over everything and make it really high quality. A lot of time is spent on graphics. When the prostate question is what is better gta 4 or 5 graphics, then there is no clear answer. Indeed, in every part of this game, the developers tried very hard on the graphics and sought to make it as cool as possible.

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    Better car physics

    Let's move on to comparing gta 5 vs gta 4, or rather machine physics.

    The fifth part has very good and modern game physics for games of this genre. In GTA 4, all the cars rolled very steeply, collided and skidded. In GTA 5, all this is also coolly done, but not like in the fourth part. Therefore, if we talk about speed and other capabilities of cars, then everyone prefers 4 parts to 5 parts. But it depends on preference.


    Which Game to Choose?

    This is a very complex question, which depends on your preferences and wishes. But still, it is better to give preference to part 5.

    Why is gta 5 better than gta 4? Everything is simple. If you choose part 5, then you will have a great opportunity to buy GTA 5 accounts with some achievements already and go straight to the most interesting part of the game. This is one of the main reasons why many choose Part 5. But it's up to you to decide.