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Minecraft Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Minecraft Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Minecraft is one of the most popular games among kids and teens since 2011. In 2022, the Minecraft player calculation is between 2.8 million and 3.6 million simultaneous players. The game is almost endless, full of secrets, DLCs, hundreds of items, places, mobs, etc. You can spend months and even years, but never find the end of fun. The sizes and the variety of actions are especially difficult for beginners, that’s why Minecraft tips and tricks are here to help. We have prepared the best Minecraft tricks for you. Read this article till the end and be ready for anything in the game. According to the words of video game producer Mojang, the game is the best-selling video game of all time. What? Among millions of games, Minecraft is the greatest?! Yep. It was launched in North America in late 2011 and is still popular as years ago.

You can orient yourself without a compass

What is the first one in the list of Minecraft tips and tricks? Orientation without a compass! ​​If you don't want to get lost in Survival Mode without a compass, try to do like our cube elder ones—use the good old natural orientation method. Rise your head and target your square eyes right into the sky. Look at the sun or the moon and notice where it moves, as it always moves west. So you can fast understand where the north is. Moving forward to the next Minecraft tricks and hacks, right? According to recent statistics, Minecraft has now sold over 200 million copies and has been played nearly in each country on the planet. Also, you can see its popularity of it among streamers and let's players of Twitch and YouTube—just look for tips for Minecraft on the search of videos. From secreted worlds to useful cheats, tips, and tricks for Minecraft, player-created Minecraft mods to precise walk-throughs, there’s never a deficiency of content in the Minecraft community.  So, what we have found? Over 20 cool Minecraft tips. No words are needed. Read the next block.

Creation patterns are drawings

Don't you recognize how to create a distinctive object? Look at their icon and mimic it with the creation of materials. Minecraft always shows patterns that are actually drawings of the object. If you look at how an ax or shovel is made, you will notice that it approximately matches. So you can have a fine reference.

You can change your spawn point

Did you know that you can change the spawn place? If not, read Minecraft tips and tricks now! All know that the first place you were born when the new world was created is a spawn point for the character. Nevertheless, you can change this by accomplishing something as easy as building an axe to cut trees. What is it? You need to build a bed and sleep for one night on it. When you accomplish this task, the spawn point will be replaced. Bear this in mind when setting various bases and moving around the game map.

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How to extract all the wood from a tree

There are extremely tall trees that seem incomprehensible to squeeze the most, but there is a hack to reach their top. Just not such the lowest block. Cut down the medium blocks and climb on the low to cut up. Are there more blocks up? So, build a pillar below your legs by hopping, so you can get higher. Look, how easy is this! Use this and other Minecraft tips to make the gaming process easier.

Surrounded? Build a pillar

In case you are surrounded by opponents in the center of the night and have no place to go or hide, glance at the ground and start making a pillar as if there is no tomorrow. When you get 12-13 blocks in height, there will be no hostile mobs that can hurt you in the Overworld. Archer skeletons stop seeking at that distance, so you can wait for the night to pass, then dig down to get before to the ground.

How to make zombie-proof doors

Going next, Minecraft tips and tricks are here to go. If you play in Survival Mode hard mode, the zombies will be capable to splash through the door of your apartment and sneak into it to continue striking you at night. You can avoid that if you do something very simple, set a couple of blocks of dirt or stone in front of or after it. If you put them in front, the zombie will not be capable to approach and break it; If you put them behind, it will smash them, but it will not be capable to sneak in.

Illuminate without spending resources

If it is complete at night, and you do not like to waste torches, you can do something very easily. Go into the game settings and become both the brightness and the gamma. By doing this, you will have much more visibility without the need for torches or other items. There are more tips for Minecraft yet to come.

Use the light to avoid mobs

There are enemies that move away from the sun's rays as soon as they can, some even vanish in its presence. That is why it is constantly good to have several torches nearby. Surrounding your shelter with these will stop many mobs from attempting to get close to it at night, ensuring you much greater security. Minecraft's tips and tricks are here to go.

Fishing helps you level up

Fishing is something that concerns you doubly. On the one side, it is perfect to have more food to consume when hunger hits. On the other side, it is the most useful way to level up. If you devote yourself to it positively, you can climb up to two or three levels each day, but it will also rely on which one you already have.

Fishing facts:

  • To fish, the gamer has to use a fishing rod to throw the line into a body of water, and the one's position shouldn't be taken into account.
  • The player must be patient and wait 5-30 seconds before the hook catches something. The time is random.
  • The player can catch raw salmon, raw cod, tropical fish, pufferfish, treasures, or junk.
  • The fishing rod can periodically catch treasure or junk instead of fish. A fishing rod without the Luck of the Sea magic has a 5% chance of catching treasure, 10%—junk, 85%—catching fish. Every level of the Luck of the Sea enchantment raises the chance of catching a treasure at the expense of decreasing the chances of catching fish and junk. The Luck status impact grants the same benefit.

    Set up a farm and forget about food problems

    Just before you are going, concentrate on fortifying your house or shelter by putting up a miniature farm. By doing that, you will consistently have livestock available, and you will never be short of food. So you can stock up well before proceeding with your happenings.

    How to return from the Nether

    There are 3 worlds in Minecraft, and the Nether is a lovely, dangerous one. You already know that to enter it, you require a portal; but you should know that mobs can eliminate it and if you don't have materials, you could get stuck. In matter this occurs, destroy Ghasts to get gunpowder, also destroy Blazes to get their staff and destroy skeletons to get coal. When you have all this, you can craft the blaze with which to light the portal back.

    Wood that does not ignite

    You don't like to have wooden blocks close to the fire, as they capture fire fast. Nevertheless, you can use wooden slabs. These are absolutely non-combustible, which ensures security against fire despite their material. Going to the further Minecraft tricks.

    Having cubes of lava is ideal for the oven

    If you have a pail, and you come across a place with lava, don't pause and have some with this one. Because lava is an excellent material for preparing in the oven. It is more durable than fire, and you can work with it for much longer.

    Safe mining

    What are the Minecraft tips and tricks 2022 are to come? When researching caves and digging, you should always make sure to conduct yourself with torches to be well lit. Going in the dark is synonymous with getting lost and, in addition, it encourages the appearance of enemies that can problematize things.

    What equipment do I bring to excavate properly?

    If you are going to dig in mines, take at least thirty torches and between 2 and 5 picks of fine material. The first is critical to guide and enlighten you, the second is to be capable to extract the aids you need. And you should know that breaking specific blocks with the wrong pick stops you from obtaining the good materials that they can retain.

    The best level to get diamonds

    Here is a secret! Minecraft's tips and tricks are now going a special hint. Diamonds start to occur more repeatedly from level 16 in height, that is, when the Y coordinate is 16. Nevertheless, the story where they appear most often is the Y coordinate 11. Be certain you are at this height when you are mining because you will notice much more of this material. In particular, going further down can force you to rush into lava.

    The mushroom biome, your safe wild card

    Of the entire sort of the biomes that are in the game, the mushroom biome is the only one in which no opponents appear at night. If you have one found close, and you see that the sun is rising, fast, run inside. In this turn, you can safely finish the night if you are not ready to stand up to the enemies.

    Enderman Proof

    Placing a pumpkin on your head is a lot of joy and forms a good laugh with mates, but it's also a fantastic way to defend yourself. Did you know that Endermen don't assault you if you wear a pumpkin on your head? No matter what you look at them, they will totally overlook you.

    The cat is the worst enemy of the Creepers

    Cats are a great addition to Minecraft and make for nice pets. However, it's more than just owning a cat as a pet. They also operate a meaningful process. Creepers are very scared of cats. If you have enough cats around your home, then Creepers will avoid you at all costs. It's the most reasonable way to guarantee that you won't run into any explosive surprises when accomplishing some farming.

    When you do a walkway on the perimeter of a gorge, or if you are driving high and do not enjoy falling, there is a very easy trick: duck. With your character crouched, you can get as close as you desire to the edge of the blocks because you will never fail. You don't know how helpful this can be.

    Torches are used for diving

    In turn, if you want to dive underwater to investigate diving, carrying torches is a nice idea. They will not light your way in case it gets dark, but, if you place them, a water bubble will occur on them that will give you extra oxygen. So you can not bother about the air you lack.

    Do not make tools of gold

    Gold does have its benefits, but making instruments out of it is not a wise decision. They are actually less durable than wooden items. In fact, the instruments will only last a few services before breaking. You are better off saving those last golden materials for crafting Golden Apples. They are extremely handy healing objects that can save you in a bind. Whatever you think to do, don't waste gold on weapons and tools.

    How to control mob spawns

    In the case that you are somewhere where there is a block to reborn enemies, there is a method to prevent annoying mobs from leaving. Place a torch on every side face of the spawn block. In this course, enemies will block coming out. In reality, do you have to farm a specific one? Remove one of the torches and wait with your weapon in hand.

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    Don't use beds in the Nether

    Beds are good in the normal dimension. They form a checkpoint, in turn, you perish during your gaming. It's a staple of every house, and everyone would like to have one. Except if you're in the Nether. Sleeping in the Nether forces you to explore. Probably not a good idea if you're looking to get belongings done in the Nether. Just remember this one little piece before you are placed out to fight Blazes and Zombie Pigmen.

    Never Dig Down

    Yes, the quickest path to any location is the straight line, but in Minecraft that can be fatal. If you are going to excavate, try to do it up to date, with a constant descent, but not constant. Otherwise, it is likely that behind that stone that you break, a lake of lava will kill you.



    Thank you for reading Minecraft tips and tricks (on PC and other platforms). We have found 25 tips on how can you make your game experience easier. Also, you can buy a Minecraft account. Enjoy the gaming and have fun!