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How to make a bed in Minecraft

How to make a bed in Minecraft

Minecraft is a timeless classic that is known to every fan of computer games. This development is distinguished by its plot and features. The main characteristic of the game is that you completely create your inventory for survival. That is why you need to know how to make a bed in minecraft. This is especially useful at night when mobs spawn. But more on that later. So, how to make a bed in minecraft survival?

Required Materials For Bed

To know how to make a nice bed in minecraft, you need to understand what materials are required for this. The bed is very easy to create because it does not require any special materials. A lot of people are wondering how much wool do you need to make a bed in minecraft, and now we will find out. All you need:

- 3 board blocks

- 3 blocks of wool

Boards are easy to get. To do this, you need to get wood, and simply process them into blocks of wood. To get wool, you need to find sheep. Wool is obtained in two ways: with the help of scissors or by killing a sheep. This material does not require processing. You immediately receive a finished product for crafting.

Craft a basic bed

The bed is needed to change the time of day. That is, to switch from night to day. Therefore, many players do not bother and learn the classic version of how to make a bed in minecraft survival on phone.

To create a classic version of a red bed, you will need a crafting field that is 9 * 9 in size. In the bottom three cells, you place boards horizontally. In the middle horizontal line, you place wool from your inventory. That's all.

Congratulations! Now you know how to make a bed in minecraft nintendo switch.

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Craft a color bed

Minecraft wouldn't be as interesting if it didn't offer its players more creative options. Everyone who wants to add color to their built home has the opportunity to make a multi-colored bed. Therefore, now we will find out how to make a good bed in minecraft.

Craft a white bed

Not many people know, but you have the opportunity to create a white bed in Minecraft.  But for this, you need to know how to do it. Everything is quite clear and simple.

You need to go into your inventory and select three blocks of white wool and planks. They can be either birch, dark oak, acacia, or tropical wood. Then you just need to place them as shown in the picture.

Craft a pink bed

Also, each player has the opportunity to create a pink bed. It looks very unusual and beautiful. However, here the creation process will be much more complicated, so it’s not enough just to know how to make a bed in minecraft pc.

If you want a bed of an unusual color, you will need dyes. In this case, you require a pink dye. It can be obtained by crafting red dye (it can be made by simply obtaining any red flower and placing it in any cell of the workbench) and bone meal.

Next, you take a white bed and simply add the dye you created. That's all. A beautiful and unusual bed in Minecraft is ready.

Where to place and how to use the bed

Now that you know how to make a red bed in minecraft and others, it's time to figure out its purpose.
As mentioned above, the bed in Minecraft is used to skip the night in the game. Many people skip this time of day because there are a lot of mobs that increase the chance of dying. Also, if you use a bed, you will fix the spawn location. That is, every time you are killed, you will reappear in the same place.

The bed is best placed indoors, that is, in your small buildings in the form of a house. It is very dangerous to do this on the street, because you can simply die from the attack of night monsters.

Please note that the bed may not be used everywhere. Especially when it comes to other worlds. If you use a bed in the Nether and the End, you won't fall asleep. Your bed will explode, you will lose health, or even die. This is done due to the fact that there is no night there. Therefore, it is better to forget about the bed in these places.

How to stack a bed in Minecraft

In Minecraft, when you create various products, it is possible to craft them in stacks at once. That is a large amount for one craft. However, when creating a bed, there is no such option, and you can only create one bed.

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How to make a double bed in Minecraft

If you are playing with a friend on the server or just want to add a natural interior to your house, then you may be interested in how to make a bed in minecraft mobile, but not a simple bed, but a double bed.

There is nothing difficult there. You just need twice as many materials, since you will need to create two full beds. After you craft them, you need to place them next to each other with the right mouse button.

How to make a bunk bed with a desk in Minecraft

To create a bunk bed, you need to follow a clear plan.

Step 1. First, prepare the necessary items. For the construction, you will need boards, a ladder, a fence, a gate, and already created beds. You will need to lay out the letter “U” from the board, which looks up. That is 4 blocks in a row at the bottom and one at each end. This will be the basis.

Step 2. After that, place the bed in the middle of our structure, after removing the blocks under it.

Step 3. Place the second bed from the bottom, that is, in the place where you removed the blocks and add a ladder on the left.

Step 4. On the other side of the structure, add a fence to make a small barrier.

Then your design is ready!  Now you can sleep on a bunk bed.