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Is Minecraft Good for Your Brain?

Is Minecraft Good for Your Brain?

Thousands of parents are worried about their children’s growing playtime leading to lethargy and perceived health problems. Especially, there are concerns about games like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Dota 2. Nevertheless, parents can make children's playtime beneficial by promoting games that offer educational advantages and encourage healthy brain activities. That being mentioned, is Minecraft the perfect game for brain activity? What are the benefits of Minecraft for kids, teens, and even their parents? Our new article is about all the brain benefits of playing Minecraft. Enjoy the reading and share this content with friends.

Does Minecraft make you smarter?

Minecraft is played by up to 400000 per day! The vast part of players are kids and teens. Regarding the classification of educational,  non-violent, and strategy games, Minecraft definitely proposes one of the best platforms. It enables an expansive scope of fundamental skills like problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, and the desire to explore and expand knowledge. It also is about primal skills like reading, writing, and calculation. Also, it makes you think about where and how to use resources, and how to think fast.
Minecraft is the place for a fun-filled and fascinating world that has enormous potential, going from secret block combinations to constructing huge skyscrapers. It's like LEGO in the world games. Not only does it present thousands of hours of fun for your time-out and family period, but there are various educational benefits of Minecraft. Next, we will describe the TOP 9 benefits of Minecraft for brain activity.

Promoting Creativity

Among all the benefits of playing Minecraft, promoting creativity is certainly the first one! Minecraft has an open-world map and is an endless sandbox game that is famous for the tremendous possibilities of building almost anything that comes to the imagination of the gamer. With 400 unique items and 926.1 quadrillion blocks on one map, Minecraft offers exceptional options and has no bounds for creativity: from recreating the beloved fictional episodes of books, movies, and comics to creating a realistic architecture.
Why is Minecraft a good game? Well, it allows making a house of your dream, go to the dungeon, fighting with zombies and dragons and this is just the top of the mountain.

For example, there is ‘WesterosCraft’, a fantastic community project with the purpose of recreating Westeros, the continent from the famous GoT. The community has been crafting on this since 2011 and still going on, only 62% is complete. You can imagine the monstrosity of this task and the potential that Minecraft has to suggest to gamers.


The next advantage, why is Minecraft good for your brain, is that the game offers kids and adults the chance to solve problems which define their forthcoming progress in the cube game world. When you want to test your skills, start 'survival mode'! Here you must be sure that you may control a hero's health bar and hunger statuses and know how to defend from dangerous mobs. Each set lasts ten minutes, indicating you have restricted time to understand how to overcome these issues in the quickest and most effective way achievable. Plus, a huge plus is Minecraft is good enough for your brain activity. Problem-solving is a popular thing in the list of benefits of playing Minecraft. Players are plunged into various locations, signifying they must promptly decide what their next steps will be. Each Minecraft 'daytime' lasts ten minutes IRL, speedy thinking is a must to advance in the game.

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Teamwork and Community Engagement

Well, what are the other benefits of playing Minecraft? As kids grow older, they can move to play Minecraft on shared servers with their mates. By the way, the ability to get to the teams and work to achieve global goals (teamwork and community engagement) are the best benefits of Minecraft in the classroom. Playing as a united team on Minecraft can teach kids to work effectively in groups. It also obviously reveals that by working in teams, they can do so much fun as a party than they could ever expect to achieve alone.

    Boosting Basic Skills: Reading, Writing, and Math

    Improving reading, writing, and math skills are the great benefits of the Minecraft education edition aspect. There is an explanation why Minecraft is largely being used in classrooms across the planet. To progress at the game, the child will need a thorough reading and understanding of the written manuals that pop out on the screen; signifying the child's reading skills will be updated. If the child plays with other kids online, improving writing informative and instructive notes to one another player is necessary to succeed and move forward. That’s why the answer that is Minecraft good for kids at schools is “YES!”

    If kids are realizing the key skills they need for school in a delightful way, such as playing a computer game, they will not suppose they are actually doing homework. Speaking about the benefits of Minecraft, children will regularly be confronted with moments when they have to solve geometric issues by making manipulations with blocks, calculating their quantity to build structures to live, survive and develop in the game.

    Minecraft helps learn how to manage resources

    Is Minecraft good for your brain? Oh, yes, it is! This is seen when the game makes you calculate how many blocks you need to build an object, guessing the time it takes to get the needed resources, etc. Also, the game teaches how to operate with resources and spend the time right.

    Minecraft teaches focusing on something to achieve a goal

    Minecraft is made of challenges you want to complete and the goals you want to achieve. Some of which a kid can fail at time and again, but with enough interest and passion, the child will stand up and keep trying to overcome stepbacks. What are the benefits of Minecraft are left? Three more to come.

    Minecraft is a computer game developed by the Swedish video game developer Mojang Studios. It is a 3D sandbox game that has no directed objectives to accomplish, allowing gamers a variety in choosing what to do in the game. Minecraft is geared toward a broad audience. Nevertheless, elementary school children through those in their mid-teens greatly enjoy playing it. By 2016 Minecraft was the second-highest bestselling video game in history, the first one was Tetris.

    Become confident when playing Minecraft

    So, the 7th place on our list of benefits of Minecraft is about confidence. There are two sides: 

    • The first is about the understanding that you can create something, become good at something, and do the task right. It helps to justify your ability to be a creator, and performer of the will.
    • The second one is the feeling of being successful, getting achievements, and sharing your success with friends.

    Some even invent something remarkable while playing Minecraft, discover Easter eggs, secrets, etc. There are streamers and let’s players earn money and play in the one game as it is their job.

    Builds patience and determination

    Is Minecraft good for your brain from a side of mental health? The game is not only about building something from cubes, but it is also about building patience. Why? There are objects you can’t build in the beginning, there are mobs you can’t defeat in the first days. You should play day after day, explore more blocks, craft, wait, increase your skills, and craft house, this game is really about patience.

    Determination comes if you want to continue playing and exploring what Minecraft can bring on the next day. Willing to progress, achieve, become a top player, compete with friends… There are a lot of words about it.

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    Self-Direction & Sense of Achievement

    Finally, what are the benefits of playing Minecraft to be mentioned? There are thousands of games, but only Minecraft does not have an ending and a player cannot beat the game. You won't find levels that the gamer needs to move through. Gamers, therefore, must choose for themselves what they are willing to do in the game and what they would want to achieve.  This allows them to build on their capacity to determine a plan and hold to it.

    Arranging own goals and then reaching personal achievements definitely will have a positive effect on kids and teens because it is a painless way to stick the skill in their minds. In this way, it gonna prove that they can control their own actions, bare the decisions and keep going to the victory.


    Do you have any doubts, is Minecraft good for your brain? This game is surely the one any kid should play at least once! You can buy a Minecraft account right now. This will be a perfect present for your lovely child!

    Help your child to get the required skills and knowledge for future life as an adult easily and painlessly. Play with your kid and enjoy the time by having fun! Thank you for reading. Share your thoughts and, please, share with friends! Hope to see you again.