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Dota 2 vs LOL. What is the Differences?

Dota 2 vs LOL. What is the Differences?

Games are a great way to spend an interesting and fun time. Today there is a huge selection of different games. But there are always timeless classics that will be popular for many years to come. One of these games is Dota 2 and League of Legends. These are some of the most popular and relevant games played by players from all over the world. Among fans of both games, the question arises, which is better Dota 2 or lol and today we will understand this.

History of Games

Each game has its own unique creation story. Therefore, now we will compare the process of creating Dota 2 vs lol.
Let's start with Dota 2. The game dates back to 2009. Just at this time, it was just beginning to be developed. Already in 2010, the creators applied to register a trademark. Initially, the release was planned for 2011, but due to the long beta testing, Dota 2 appeared only in 2013, after which it quickly gained its popularity. Over time, many updates and changes took place that improved the game and made it even more interesting.

Let's move on to the history of creation lol. This game was developed by the American company Riot Games. Its full name is League of Legends. The company opened in 2006 and immediately moved on to the development of the lol game. The most interesting thing is that the developers chose a lot of names for the forename. At first, the game was called Onslaught. A little later, it was decided to call it League of Legends: Clash of Fates. And now the name is what we are used to hearing. The game has been in development for quite a few years, but it was only shown in 2008. The launch started only in 2009. But it quickly gained the trust of users, because two months after the release of the game, there were more than 100 thousand users at the same time. Further, many companies became interested in the game, which began to make their investments, and thereby sluggish on its further development and improvement.

Game Design

And now let's move on to design and compare dota 2 vs league of legends. Both games are very well designed and interesting in their way. You can see beautiful details, high-quality graphics, and cool special effects. Therefore, if we talk about game design, then both games deserve attention.

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Heroes and Champions

Let's move on to the next paragraph, where we will compare dota vs league. As you know, each game has its characters and roles. Of course league of legends and Dota 2 is no exception. If we talk about Dota 2, then all the heroes that exist there are unique characters. Before the start of the game, players are divided into two teams of 5 people each and choose a hero. The number of heroes now stands at around 121. But with regular announcements, everything can change. The bottom line is that each player manages and controls his hero.

League of legends has its peculiarities. When you start playing lol you will find a large number of champions, because there are more than 140. That is, you choose a role and a suitable champion. Each of them is associated with a specific location in the game. They come in different types, for example, they can be magicians, criminals and villains, spirits, monster champions, and so on. Whatever your soul desires.

    Game Roles

    Roles in games are directly related to heroes and champions.

    In Dota 2, roles help determine the main direction of the game. Each hero has specific abilities, which are suitable for different roles. This captures the game from the first seconds. There are five positions in the game:

    • Carry (easy lane)
    • Mider (centerline)
    • Offlaner (complex line)
    • Roamer (support)
    • Support (assistance)

    There are slight similarities in League of Legends. You also choose a role and use them to pursue your specific goals in the game. Roles in lol are a very important element on which the whole game is based. To understand the game, you need to understand the roles initially. It usually looks like this:

    • Middle line (mid)
    • Forest (jungle)
    • Bottom line (adk)
    • Support (support)
    • Top line (top)

    Therefore, if we compare the roles of league vs Dota 2, then both games worked out this moment well and created different and interesting positions that help diversify the game.


    Let's start with Dota 2. The gameplay is based on two worlds - Light and Darkness. It doesn't matter where you will be, because the whole gameplay is balanced. That is, the essence lies in the fact that two teams compete against each other. And as mentioned above, one team represents the Light and the other the Darkness. Each of them has its own set of heroes.

    Move on to League of Legends. The whole gameplay is based on counteraction. With this concept, you can defeat opponents or weaken them. That is, the gameplay combines tactics and skills. You need to follow the many events in the game to defeat the enemy. For example, to detect it on the front line or to observe the visibility of the map.

    This is a very important component on which the whole game is based. Without gameplay, there would be no games. What is it? The answer is simple, the gameplay is responsible for the interaction between the player and the development itself. That is, these are all possible actions of the user in the game and its reaction to them.


    This is another criterion where we will compare league vs Dota 2. Let's start with the fact that community is when users are united by something common. In our case, the game. Many well-known games have their communities where players get to know each other, unite and fight against each other.

    If we talk about Dota 2, then a lot of statistics and studies say that this is the most toxic combination that exists. This is because serious players do not forgive beginners for mistakes in the game and can offend them because of this.

    In League of Legends, things are a little simpler. Here, players unite on various services and social networks, discuss some tricks, tactics, get to know each other, communicate and answer each other's questions. If we compare league of legends vs dota, then in the first one there is a more loyal community, which is not so rude and furious to beginners, but rather tries to help with advice.

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    Each game has its difficulties and flaws that can negatively affect the gameplay. If we talk about Dota 2, then, like everywhere else, any difficulties can arise there. For example, your account was stolen, technical problems, login problems, or things were stolen. Therefore, serious and large-scale games have their support services where you can turn to solve problems. In dota 2, this is Steam.

    League of Legends is no exception because it also has its own mistakes and difficulties. But like in the first case, you can just contact support. For example, you have problems with payment, you need to complain about a player because of a dishonest game, restore your account or help with technical issues - the support service will cope with all this.


    Which Game to Choose?

    The most popular question that arises among dota 2 or league of legends players?

    There is no exact answer here.  It all depends on your preferences and wishes.  But there is one feature.  If we talk about League of Legends, then you always have the opportunity to buy lol accounts, thereby making the game easier for yourself and proceeding to the most interesting and exciting.  But the final choice is yours.