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HOTS vs LOL - Detailed analysis

HOTS vs LOL - Detailed analysis

Today, there are a huge number of high-quality and interesting games on the market. Because of this, selecting your favourite game becomes more difficult. Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends remain the hottest games. That is why today we will compare heroes of the storm vs lol.


This is a very important criterion for evaluating and comparing because a lot depends on the gameplay. And first of all, it is the interaction of the player with the gameplay, the reaction of the game world to the actions of the player.

If we talk about hots, then this game is different in that the gameplay is divided into parts that last 40-60 minutes. The game involves two teams of 5 people who fight against each other in large arenas. Players control their heroes, who can be upgraded with new levels and spells. The main goal of the game is to improve your character as much as possible so that the enemy cannot defeat him. Also, you need to be able to play in a team, because without a well-coordinated team fight, it is almost impossible to win.

League of Legends has its distinctive characteristics. Here, too, two teams of 3 or 5 people take part in the gameplay, which fights against each other. Each player chooses his character, who is called the champion. The main goal in the game is to destroy the enemy base. Also, each player has their minions that help in battles. After each battle, players are rewarded with experience and gold, which can be used to purchase additional items for a better game. Therefore, if we compare the gameplay of lol vs hots, then both games have their characteristics and plot that make the game exciting and interesting.

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Community Decks

Players appreciate games that have their communities. This is a place where they can chat, find rivals or assistants, and just share their experience or ask other players for advice. Therefore, now we are moving on to a comparison of the lol vs heroes of the storm community desks.

Let's start with lol. The game has different platforms for players to communicate. The first is Reddit, a site where you can chat. It's something between a social network and a forum. Many players prefer to communicate there. You also have the opportunity to chat with other players using Facebook or the Steam platform. In general, there are many places for communication.

If we talk about heroes of the storm, then there are also places for communication. An excellent and one of the most popular places is the Facebook platform. You can chat with other players using the official forum from the creators Blizzard. You can also keep in touch with other players using the well-known Steam and Reddit platforms.

If we compare the heroes of the storm vs lol champs community, then one or the other game has large communities where players can both just chat and share their experience.

    Objective-oriented design

    Let's move on to the heroes of the storm vs lol champs design comparison. Many developers pay special attention to the design of the game because a lot depends on it. Many users note the cute and pleasant design in Hots. This game has well-designed graphics and it is immediately clear that the developers paid special attention to design. Also in the game, the balance of the characters is noticeable.

    If we talk about lol, then the design of this game is also worked out very well. This game is a real arena for creativity because there you can create your art in the universe. Graphics, smoothness, and balance are the main advantages of the game. If compared by this criterion, heroes of the storm vs. lol, both games deserve attention due to their quality design.

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    Available modes

    Each game has its special modes that make the gameplay more interesting and varied. So let's move on to the next heroes of the storm requirements vs lol comparison.

    League of Legends is characterized by a large number of modes. This is why so many players love this game so much. The game has 5 different ways to play. The first is a classic game where two teams of 5 people are opposed. The second mode is ranked games. Here, the peculiarity lies in the fact that the players of both teams choose characters to play in turn. The next less popular mode is designed to play against bots. It is more suitable to learn the map and get comfortable in the matches. The game also has its gameplay mode, where you can call your friends and fight against each other. And of course, you can use the practice mode to improve your skills.

    Speaking of heroes of the storm, there are more modes available. There are about 6 of them. The first variant of the game is a quick battle where you choose a hero and fight other players in a randomly selected arena. You can also play without a rating, which is very convenient for those who want to practice and play without too much stress. Hots even can play against artificial intelligence by choosing difficulty and a hero. You can also play a brawl where random heroes are selected. As elsewhere, you can create your own game and invite your friends.

    League of Legends has been the premier MOBA in esports for a very long time. This is all because the game has a huge number of world championships, professional teams and real fans. This is the game by which all other MOBA games are judged. But most often Heroes of the Storm is compared to LoL.

    Is Heroes of the Storm easier than LoL?

    Many players and fans of these games have a question: heroes of the storm vs lol championships: which is easier?

    It all depends on many factors. For some, Heroes of the Storm will be more difficult, and for some, League of Legends. The difficulty of the game depends on the selected mode, the skills of the player, and other features of the gameplay. The main thing is to get used to the game and figure out what's what.



    Which game to choose depends only on you, your preferences, and your wishes.

    However, many Players prefer League of Legends, because there is an opportunity to buy lol accounts. In this way, you immediately go to the most interesting part in the game, save your time and make the play exciting. The choice is yours!