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Wild Rift vs LoL: Which one to Choose?

Wild Rift vs LoL: Which one to Choose?

At the moment you can find a huge number of games on the market. But unfortunately, not all of them will be really high quality and interesting. In order to truly start playing interesting games, it is worth looking at the so-called timeless classics. This includes games like Wild Rift and League of Legends. Therefore, today we will compare wild rift vs league of legends.

The Main Characteristics of Wild Rift

To choose a fascinating and interesting game like league of legends vs wild rift game, you should understand the advantages and disadvantages of these games. We will begin from Wild Rift.

This game is one of the strategy versions of League of Legends. That is, they come from the same developer. This is a fairly young game that was released a few years ago, more precisely in 2020. The main difference from the usual versions is that all matches have become much more dynamic and exciting.

The Main Characteristics Of LoL

We continue our league of legends wild rift vs league of legends comparison. The regular version of lol is a game that appeared on the market a long time ago, back in 2009. This is a multiplayer development that was released by Riot Games. Here you choose characters, fight each other, destroy enemies and just have fun. The game was able to win a huge number of fans around the world.

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The Distinction Among Wild Rift vs LoL

Many Gamers do not understand the main differentiation among the games, which leads to difficulties during the download and selection of their game. If we parallel with league of legends wild rift vs league of legends, then there are several features. Many of the changes relate to the gameplay.

You can also highlight more specific changes, namely:

  1. Number of champions. Wild Rift has reduced the number of characters and changed some of their abilities.
  2. Dynamism of the game. Many answers say that in WR the game has become more dynamic and exciting. If matches in lol could last a long time, then in this game they take up to 10 minutes. For some, this will be a virtue, and for others, a disadvantage. Everything is individual.
  3. Reduce. Changes in the size of the cards were also noticed. This means that players who choose to play Wild Rift can expect to be ambushed more often.

But there are a lot of features, so now we will take a closer look at the deviations among the league of legends wild rift vs league of legends.

Map Layout and Structures

Each game has its own territory where the entire gameplay takes place. Lol and WR is no exception. Therefore, let's move on to comparing the league of legends wild rift vs league of legends infrastructure. If we talk about Wild Rift, then the game map itself is more made for mobile devices. That is, it is smaller and has a faster load.

If we talk about the lol map, then this is a real battle arena where many players fight. There are several maps in the game that differ mainly in the change of seasons, there are also other variations that are unique in their kind and are designed for temporary modes.

    Champion Abilities

    As you know, each game has its own champions who have certain skills. Let's continue our league of legends wild rift vs pc comparison. All skills are special actions that a player can perform while he is in battle. This can be the invocation of magic, the use of certain devices, and other actions. In lol every champion has at least 5 skills. These can be both enhanced combat techniques, the call of mysticism, and other actions that can help defeat the enemy. Such abilities of champions help shape his image.

    If we talk about the wild rift, then it also has its own characteristics. New faces are added periodically in this game. Here you also choose your champion and get special skills. The principle is the same, but the characters are different.

    Game pace

    The next point where we will compare wild rift vs league is game pace. Just the same, game pace also affects our game, or rather, its speed. Here we can say with confidence that both games deserve attention in this regard because their speed is just perfect. The developers have tried very hard at this moment and did everything to make the game work as quickly as possible.

    Awarding Method

    Many people think that wild rift is better than lol because of this system. As a rule, a rating system is needed in order to distribute players according to skills and craftsmanship. To date, there are 9 main ranks in lol. Namely iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master, grandmaster, and the highest challenger. And as in many games at the beginning of the season, the entire rating is reset.

    Wild rift also has its own rating system, which has differences and similarities. In the gameplay, there are exactly 10 ranks in total, that is, one more than in lol. The bottom line is that some ranks such as iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and emerald have 4 divisions. That is, you need to go through 4 divisions in each of the above ranks in order to move to the next one. Many games have a similar system, such as PUBG.

    Wild Rift has the same player abilities but is more designed and adapted for mobile control. That is, as, in many well-known games, control takes place using a special joystick on the screen.

    Esports Scene

    In simple words, the esports scene is tournaments. As a rule, this is a way to attract a large number of players, encourage and motivate them to move forward. But in order to become a truly professional player, you need to constantly improve and take a lot of action. To do this, you need to find a good team, spend a lot of time playing, practicing, and try yourself in a variety of tournaments.

    If we talk about league of legends vs wild rift, then of course there are more tournaments at the moment lol, but WR is not far behind. Already six months after the opening, a wild rift began to launch serious tournaments, which were promoted with the help of the twitch platform and well-known influencers.

    The Meta

    The meta is the main set of heroes for the game that will best suit your goals. With each patch, with each change in the game, the meta changes, this is an absolutely normal process and our task as players is to adapt to it extremely quickly in competitive mode. If we talk about wild rift vs league of legends, then the meta is constantly changing and evolving with regular updates.

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    Usually, the concept of cosmetics means a huge number of skins that exist in games. Both in the first and the second version there are special skins for characters. They help diversify the game and make your heroes unique, beautiful and bright.

    Which One is Easy to Play?

    And now let's compare wild rift vs league of legends in terms of ease of gameplay. Each game is unique and interesting in its own way. Everything here is very individual. For some, it will be a more interesting wild rift, for some league of legends. Also with the gameplay. Those who have played more in WR will find it easier in this game. Accordingly, those who spent a lot of time in lol will be more interested in lol.


    So what game to play: Wild Rift vs LoL?

    Summing up about wild rift vs league of legends, we can say with confidence that both games are worthy of attention. They come from a single developer who put a lot of effort into their creation.

    But if you still want to get more emotions, then you can buy lol accounts and not spend a lot of time going through uninteresting missions and tasks, but go straight to the most fascinating part.