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GTA 5 Online Tips and Tricks

GTA 5 Online Tips and Tricks

Do you want to get the list of the best GTA 5 tips and tricks to make the multiplayer regime even more awesome? Well, this article is for you.
The release date of Grand the Auto Five, or simply, GTA 5, was 2013, 9 years ago. The GTA series was created by Rockstar Games. The fifth part brought the company over $800 million in earnings within the first day of release. GTA 5 has received positive reviews from critics and the game has an enormous fan base over the net due to its storyline, interesting characters, and, especially, because of GTA Online.

Get your friends!

Yes, the game can be split into two parts: GTA 5 (storyline, with a sandbox) and GTA Online (“chaotic” online world, with multiplayer, missions, eastern eggs, ranking system, the generator of multiplayer maps, and missions). You literally can do almost everything that comes to your mind! The game still has updates, regimes, and seasons with new missions. For such an endless online game you definitely should read guidelines, GTA 5 tricks, and learn tips. We have prepared the most wanted GTA 5 Online tips for the ultimate experience during playing with other players. Fun, chaos, guns, wealthy cars, and crimes. Everything is possible here, online!  Among all GTA 5 tips, the first one is so simple and logical that all articles should include it. To have a lot more fun playing online in games with an open world and no strict rules, with a community of millions of skilled players, you should start playing GTA Online with your friends and mates.
Why getting friends into the game is so important that we put it the very first on the list of GTA 5 Online tips and tricks? Here are some proofs for you:

  1. Enjoy playing with people you like spend time with friends, get the emotions from the game with your buddies, and do whatever you want in crazy Los Santos!
  2. You should level up all the time to move forward earn RESPECT and MONEY on GTA Online to open new missions, and get better weapons, armor, clothing, and cars.
  3. Start the online regime with noobies like you no offense, but we know that you would cry like a baby if played all the time with levels a couple of dozens higher than yours.
  4. It’s easier to finish the DLC set it’s barely possible to finish all the missions with strangers. Assemble your friends online to laugh, cry and overcome together!

That’s why organizing teams with friends are on the top of GTA 5 Online tips.

Get the Tracker and Insurance

Do you have lots of badass cars in GTA V single-player? Good for you! But in GTA Online, eventually, your favored car can be in another player’s hand. In GTA V single-player, we can literally take over every vehicle you see. And in GTA Online, it’s almost the same, but there are other players too, which means people (not mobs), can steal your cars as well… Maybe that's how developers see the boomerang for stealing NPCs’ vehicles?

However, luckily Rockstar delivers us two useful instruments to guarantee that even if your precious car gets in hands of another player, you can still get it back to your garage. Those instruments are:

  • Insurance: works as same as IRL, this instrument permits you to guard your auto from damage. Or to be more correct, if your automobile is vandalized or misplaced, you can still get your car back due to insurance. The first car you get from the tutorial will automatically be secured by insurance. But for other automobiles, you will have to purchase insurance. Visit Mors Mutual Insurance Company to find out more.
  • Tracker: This mechanism stops other gamers from robbing you by blocking the ability to steal vehicles eternally. So if you have your auto pinched, you can nonetheless track a car down on radar and map. If you don’t like to get your hand messy, you can put a reward on your vehicle and bounty hunters will do the job for you.

So, as the second trick of the best GTA 5 tips and tricks, keep in mind to get your Insurance and racker next time you want to obtain a new auto.

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“Map Awareness” GTA Online version

We are moving the next GTA 5 tips and tricks to PC, PS4-5, Xbox One, and Series X. You might know the term map awareness if you played Dota 2, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Paladins, Vainglory, Smite, and Arena of Valor.

Location of enemies is super important to win and stay alive. Knowing where to expect the coming enemies gives you more chances to survive and get from ambush smooth and easy. A Funny moment is: as beginners, you may also enjoy being mindful of the mini-map.

In GTA Online, you will frequently notice white dots on the mini-map, which show the position of other players. Of course, now, not all GTA Online gamers are feisty and “genocidal maniacs”. Nevertheless, this world is extremely messy, and you may die for no reason, just for fun. So, it’s fine to be more careful, you likely don’t want to get killed randomly (which can happen quite a lot). Especially, be aware of red dots on the map, they are maniacs for sure. These GTA 5 tips and tricks gonna pay your game easier and longer.

    Get your guns!

    The next feature of GTA V is that you don't need to buy weapons—grab some from the bodies of killed enemies. But in online gaming, being protected is incredibly essential. And thus, you would like to at slightly get a gun for self-protection and protect your allies. There is no limitation on what you must purchase, just pick what you feel is most trustworthy. Besides armor, you will also require guns for different missions and heists. More sense to make your arsenal, isn’t it?
    Yet, to have more firearm types and weapon customizations, you must level up your reputation level. Such GTA 5 tricks and tips are given in tutorials.

    Remember to deposit your money!

    GTA V goes on a path of all previous parts, allowing to kill almost every civilian to go across by streets of the mad city. The same is about GTA Online—kill everyone and destroy everything you see. But get ready to get the same bullet in your face too! Murdering other participants and taking their money can sound “fascinating”, but for beginners, killing other players isn’t painless.

    The interesting side is: if someone kills you, you are dropping money, the same as citizens of the city. And your murderer will also drop cash after being killed by you or any other player. So, to prevent after-death drops of cash, the best way to avoid is to deposit your money into the Bank of Liberty by going to an ATM or using your phone and app. Such GTA 5 online tricks gonna save your fortune.

    If you visit one of the gun stores in GTA Online, you may see that there are invisible guns that are locked. To buy them, you should earn a reputation and get the level that is written in the description for a specific gun. Also, if the desired type of gun is open for your level, you can customize it, pick the set and buy it. Think before typing the button.

    If your life is too “short”, use Passive Mode!

    We add Passive Mode as a part of GTA 5 online tips to save your nerves and stop you from turning on your baby rage mode.

    Having problems with the size of your level and the fact that your life is too “short” because of other bullies (more successful than you), huh? You are got tired of being in the loop (spammed—get killed—spammed again)? Break the chain of repeatedly being killed all the time in GTA Online. Stop playing… No. Just turn on the kinder garden… oops, Passive Mode. Continue playing in GTA Online as your grandma, and enjoy a more calm life.

    We are not hinting that this is pussy-mode (but, think, the point of GTA V is to kill, be killed, rob, and get robbed). But the most important is to have fun in the game the way you like it.

    Passive Mode is an undying mode in which you can’t be killed or harmed by other real players. Sounds cool (boring), isn’t it? But there’s another con (huge one): you are getting immortality, in turn, the ability to damage or kill other online gamers. What is the point of the word “online” then in GTA? Well, you can play family-friendly games. In GTA V you will look like a ghost (invisible in both meanings), your transport as well. It's like being a beholder. We would say that is a tip that makes a game less interesting on our top of GTA 5 tips and tricks. So, turn this regime on only if you are irritated and pissed off.

    Here are some facts about Passive Mode:

    • You can’t put bounties and call Lamar’s mugger or Merryweather’s mercenaries on the head of an unwanted player who has turned on Passive Mode. (If you hate him/her so much, wait until granny mode will be disabled by repeating that the vengeance is the dish that can be served cold as ice).
    • After disabling Passive Mode, you must wait for 60sec cool down before turning on Passive Mode once more.
    • If someone set a bounty on your head before you disabled it to go to Passive Mode, you can’t activate it. And if you’re close to earning a bounty on your head, but you have successfully activated Passive Mode, the bounty will be briefly postponed until you turn off Passive Mode. After all, you will pay for your sins.

    Hope these explanations about GTA 5 tips and tricks are handy enough. And, yeah, you will finally be managed to take a selfie without being killed!

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    Hunt the red ones!​​

    Do you see a red dot on the mini-map?! Kill, kill, kill, or run… Such players have killed a lot, or someone has started a bounty rash on their heads. Anyway, you will get a reward and kill another, this is too cool to skip! If your skills in PvP are as good as PvM. Don't wait, just do it! 

    Let's say they are wanted players, and normally they have quite hefty bounties on their heads. If you’re confident in your PvP skill, then wait no longer! Hunt down every redhead on the map with style, and the prize shall be yours. Beware that all the most wanted gamers are experienced killers, and they won’t just be killed so easily. Get ready for the last portion of GTA 5 online tips and tricks (PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox X)

    Contact Missions!

    When you’re taking part in a mission in GTA Online, you might get in a pretty frustrating position in which some “Mr. Nice players” may slaughter you, making you fail the mission. Lucky for you, there is an option called Contact Missions, making the mission similar to the story mode of GTA V. And a good thing is: that no one will disturb you while accomplishing these missions. In case a mission is too tough, you can contact your friends to assist you with completing it. These Contact Missions even give more bonuses to new players; thus, they’re a very good choice for newbies.

    You can enjoy the plot, make a cinematographic let’s plays on Twitch, YouTube, or somewhere else. The best thing in Rockstars games is the stories of twisted maniacs that rob the city and don’t get into a prison cell. Hope you will play all the story missions and have a lot of fun and satisfaction with friends!



    And here is the bottom line for the article about GTA 5 tips and tricks (Xbox One, Xbox X, PS5, PS4). Our tips are for beginners, so they could enjoy the gaming process. The main thing is to get emotions and have a nice mood after turning off your gaming console.

    You can buy GTA 5 account from Gamesrift and get the best of GTA Online that can possibly be brought to you! Hope you liked our article, stay toasty, and don’t let the bullies of Los Santos take all your cash and nerves! Play, share, and enjoy!